Led by a former Superior Court judge, this dynamic legal team knows the inside of a courtroom from every angle.

Wills, Trusts & Estates Law

Legal disputes regarding wills, private trusts, and estates can often be highly emotional since these cases frequently pit family members against one another. In addition, these cases frequently involve substantial financial assets and can therefore literally define an heir's standard of living for the remainder of his or her life.

Our Firm has been entrusted on many occasions over the years to insure that a deceased relative's wishes regarding the disposition of their estate are carried out and are not avoided or disregarded by unscrupulous claimants, or to prevent the disinheritance of children or others when an infirm parent was victimized by the undue influence of interlopers. If at all possible, The Federal Firm attorneys will attempt to negotiate or resolve disputes through alternative means such as arbitration or mediation. However, the Firm's attorneys are experienced in the preparation and effective litigation of such important cases.

When an individual, or institution, believes that a trust or an estate is not being administered properly, and/or that they are being deprived or defrauded of their rightful inheritance, we stand ready to assist them in obtaining the money and property to which they are entitled.
We encourage you to view some Wills, Trusts & Estates Law cases that we have handled.

Mediation & Arbitration

More often than not, we can negotiate a settlement that's satisfactory to both sides. We strongly recommend our clients first consider voluntary mediation with a qualified, neutral, third-party or binding arbitration.

Areas of Expertise

The team at The Federal Firm is recognized for excellence within a wide range of legal matters. Our firm is very nearly without peer in matters related to catastrophic brain and / or spinal cord injury -- and our success in other health care matters is extensive. When it comes to malpractice, you'll find very few firms willing to take on bad lawyers as well as bad doctors!​

The Federal Firm also has scored big wins in complex business litigation. We understand the issues, and make sure a jury will, too -- in the unlikely event a case goes that far!

More recently, we have emerged on the front lines of fight for the rights of Hispanics and other minorities to gain access to the courts.

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