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Wills; Adverse Possession

The Firm represented two brothers from the Chicago area who had inherited real estate located in Atlanta. The property had originally been owned by their grandfather, who had willed it to his two sons in equal shares when he died. One of the sons had maintained it and rented it out for a period of 30-years. The Atlanta brother also kept all the proceeds from the rentals. When the second brother died, he left his share of the property to his two Chicago sons. They then attempted to contact their uncle, who refused to respond. They then attempted to negotiate with his daughter, their cousin, who refused to discuss the property, claiming that the Chicago sons' father had given his interest in the property to her father. The Firm filed suit, and discovery was conducted to determine who owned the property, and what profits the deceased Atlanta brother and his son had realized from the property. Finally, the deceased's daughter agreed to a settlement which allowed the Firm's Clients to retire.